Free & Easy Ad Network

Simple ad network, for websites in need of new visitors

* Early birds gets 1000 bonus credits once the plugin reaches the WordPress marketplace.
Due to a massive plugin approval queue in WordPress marketplace, only a ZIP file is available until then.
Privacy Focused

Privacy Focused

Automated keyword matched ads for privacy. No cookies, simply focused on happy visitors.

Detailed Statistics

Detailed Statistics

Free dashboard holding 1 month of ad performance statistics

How does it work?

A small beautiful ad bar with just a single text ad, will show up in all websites in the network.

For each website showing an ad from the network to a unique visitor, credits are earned which are automatically spend on a campaign for this same website in the network.

Ad campaigns are automatically created, and websites are automatically scanned for its best keywords, for using throughout the network.
You can customize your ad anytime, or you can keep the default settings, letting your ad beeing automatically created from your website content.

This plugin is just a simple piece of a giant ad network puzzle, as it is backed by a serious and really clever web crawler, just like Google.

Works perfectly as a free alternative to Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads.

Bundgaard, Denmark

Reg. ID: DK21095109